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Epoxy resin

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Product Description


Epoxy resin




Epoxy resin;Condensation prods., epoxy; Epoxides, polymers, epoxy resins; Epoxy compds.; Ethers, cyclic, epoxides, polymers; Plastics, epoxy Polyethers, epoxy resins


C7H15ClO4; (C4H10O3.C3H5ClO)x

Product Specifications




Epoxy resin is an A thermosetting resin based on the reactivity of the epoxide group Epoxy resin uses and applications include: Plasticizer for surface coatings; adhesive for composites, metals, glass, ceramics; casting metal-forming tools and dies; encapsulation of electronic parts; cements and mortars; rigid foams; fiberglass-reinforced plastics; electronic dip coats; varnishes; fiber finishes; industrial textile applications; stabilizer, modifier for other resins; biomaterial for pharmaceutical topicals, slow-release, and microencapsulation products; diluent; viscous reducer for standard resins; in food-contact coatings; in food-contact polysulfide polymerpolyepoxy resins

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