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EO/PO block polymer or copolymer

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Product Description


EO/PO block polymer or copolymer


9003-11-6 (generic) 106392-12-5


EO/PO block polymer or copolymer;Ethylene glycolpropylene glycol block copolymer; POEPOP copolymer; Polyoxyethylenepolyoxypropylene copolymer; Polyoxypropylenepolyoxyethylene block polymer; Polyoxypropylenepolyoxyethylene copolymer POPPOE copolymer

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(C3H6O C2H4O)x

Typical Product Specifications


EO/PO block polymer or copolymer uses and applications include: Defoamer (metal cleaners, antifreeze, cutting fluids, water treatment, paper, textiles, rinse aids); demulsifier for drilling muds, crude oil processing; emulsifier, dispersant for pesticides, paints, emulsion polymerization; leather tanning auxiliaries; wetting agent for pesticides, foundry resins, paper additives, rinse aids; wetting agent, defoamer for bottle washing detergents; surfactant; detergent; gellant; solubilizer; lubricant base for medicalpharmaceutical applications; agriculture adjuvant; solubilizer, stabilizer in flavors; processing aid, wetting agent in foods; surfactant, defoamer in poultry scald baths; defoamer, rinse adjuvant in hog dehairing; dough conditioner in yeast-leavened bakery products; personal care surfactant; in paperpaperboard in contact with aqueousfatty foods; in cellophane for food packaging; viscous controller used in cosmetics

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