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Ditallow dimonium chloride

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Product Description


Ditallow dimonium chloride


68153-32-2 68783-78-8


Ditallow dimonium chloride;Dimethyl ditallow alkylammonium chlorides; Dimethyl ditallow ammonium chloride; Ditallow dimethyl ammonium chloride; Quaternary ammonium compounds, dimethylditallow alkyl, chlorides; Quaternium-48


[RN(CH3)2R]Cl, R alkyl groups from tallow

Product Specifications


Ditallow dimonium chloride uses and applications include: Surfactant; lubricant, fabric softener for household and commercial use; base for hair conditioners; cleaners; antistat; in cellophane for food packaging; softener, antistat for formulation with nonionic detergents to make liquid detergentsoftenerantistatic products; surfactant, adjuvant for pesticide use dilutions on growing crops
Suggested storage of Ditallow dimonium chloride: Store in explosion-proof refrigerator; keep away from ignition sources



For more information call 1-800-282-3982 or email!

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