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Disodium nonoxynol-10 sulfosuccinate

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Product Description


Disodium nonoxynol-10 sulfosuccinate


9040-38-4 67999-57-9 (generic)


Disodium nonoxynol-10 sulfosuccinate;Sulfobutanedioic acid, nonoxynol-10 ester, disodium salt


C4H9(OCH3CHCH2)x(OCH2CH2)yOH, avg. x 2, avg. y 2

Product Specifications


Disodium nonoxynol-10 sulfosuccinate is a Disodium salt of the half ester of nonoxynol10 and sulfosuccinic acid Disodium nonoxynol-10 sulfosuccinate uses and applications include: Emulsifier, solubilizer, wetting agent, surfactant, dispersant, foam boosterstabilizer, surfactant tension depressant in PVAc acrylic emulsions, paints, textile emulsions; pad-bath additive; in food packaging adhesives


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