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Disodium deceth-6 sulfosuccinate

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Product Description


Disodium deceth-6 sulfosuccinate


68630-97-7 68311-03-5 (generic)


Disodium deceth-6 sulfosuccinate;Butanedioic acid, sulfo- deceth-6 ester, disodium salt; Succinic acid, sulfo-, deceth-6 ester, disodium salt; Sulfobutanedioic acid, deceth-6 ester, disodium salt



Product Specifications


Disodium deceth-6 sulfosuccinate is a Disodium salt of the half ester of an ethoxylated decyl alcohol and sulfosuccinic acid Disodium deceth-6 sulfosuccinate uses and applications include: Surfactant; emulsifier, solubilizer, foaming agent, dispersant, wetting agent in emulsion polymerization of PVAcacrylics, textiles, cosmetics; pad-bath additive; food packaging adhesives

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