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Disodium cocamido MEA-sulfosuccinate

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Product Description


Disodium cocamido MEA-sulfosuccinate


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Disodium cocamido MEA-sulfosuccinate;Butanedioic acid, sulfo-, C-(2-coco amidoethyl) esters, disodium salts; Disodium coconut monoethanolamide sulfosuccinate; Disodium cocoylmonoethanolamide sulfosuccinate; Sulfobutanedioic acid, C-(2-cocamidoethyl) esters, disodium salts


RN(CH2CH2OH)2CH2COO, R represents the tallow fatty radical

Product Specifications


Disodium cocamido MEA-sulfosuccinate is a Disodium salt of a substituted ethanolamide half ester of sulfosuccinic acid Disodium cocamido MEA-sulfosuccinate uses and applications include: Surfactant, cleansing agent, skin conditioner in cosmetics, shampoos, bath products; solubilizer, softener for personal care products; surfactant for rug cleaners, dishwashing liquids, household and industrial detergents


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