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Dipropylene glycol salicylate

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Product Description


Dipropylene glycol salicylate


7491-14-7 68683-31-8


Dipropylene glycol salicylate;Dipropylene glycol monosalicylate; 2-(2-Hydroxypropyl)-1-methylethyl salicylate; POP (2) monosalicylate; PPG (2) monosalicylate; PPG-2 salicylate



Product Specifications


Dipropylene glycol salicylate is an Ester of dipropylene glycol and salicylic acid Dipropylene glycol salicylate uses and applications include: UV absorber in sunscreens, pharmaceuticals, polymers, dyestuffs; lt. stabilizer in plastics; plasticizer, UV screening agent in protective coatings, plasticizers; surfactant, viscous control agent in cosmetics; emollient in toiletries, alcohol lotions, vegtable or mineral-type products, and pharmaceuticals

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