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Dimethyl palmitamine

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Product Description


Dimethyl palmitamine


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Dimethyl palmitamine;Cetyl dimethylamine; DCA; Dimethylcetylamine; N,N-Dimethylcetylamine; Dimethyl-1-hexadecanamine Dimethylhexadecylamine; Hexadecyl dimethylamine; N-Hexadecyl-N, N-dimethyl amine; Palmityl dimethylamine



Product Specifications


Dimethyl palmitamine uses and applications include: Chemical intermediate; antistat, emulsifier, hair conditioner in cosmetics, bubble baths, deodorants; raw material for surfactants; for household products, disinfectants, sanitizers, industrial hand cleaners, polymer additives; PU foam catalyst; epoxy curing agent; acid detergent; processing aid for metal and textiles; viscous index improver for lubricating oils; corrosion inhibitor; acid-stable emulsifier

For more information call 1-800-282-3982 or email!

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