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Dimethyl hydantoin-formaldehyde polymer

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Product Description


Dimethyl hydantoin-formaldehyde polymer


9065-13-8 26811-08-5


Dimethyl hydantoin-formaldehyde polymer;Dimethyl hydantoin formaldehyde resin; 5,5-Dimethyl-2,4-imidazolidinedione, polymer with formaldehyde; DMHF (INCI); Formaldehyde, polymer with 5,5-dimethyl-2,4-imidazolidinedione; 2,4-Imidazolidinedione, dimethyl-, polymer with formaldehyde



Product Specifications


Dimethyl hydantoin-formaldehyde polymer is a Resin formed by heating MDM hydantoin Dimethyl hydantoin-formaldehyde polymer uses and applications include: Antimicrobial, film-former, preservative in cosmetics, aerosol hair sprays; textile and paper finishing; sizing; adhesives; blending agent; source of formaldehyde; intermediate; film-former, gellant in photographic films


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