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Dimer acid

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Product Description


Dimer acid




Dimer acid;C18-Unsaturated fatty acids, dimers; Dimeric acid; Fatty acids, C18-unsaturated, dimers



Product Specifications


Dimer acid is a Mixed prod. produced by cycloaddition of unsat. fatty acids Dimer acid uses and applications include: Polymer building block; polymerizes with alcohols and polyols to yield plasticizers, lubricating oils, hydraulic fluids; intermediate for paints; corrosion inhibitor; as extender and crosslinking agent for high polymeric systems; comonomer for alkydepoxy esterPU resins; auxiliaries emulsifier for chloroprene rubbers; in adhesives and resinouspolymeric coatings in food pkg and food-contact polyolefin films; defoamer in coatings and in the manufacturingof paperpaperboard for food packaging; surfactant lubricant used in the manufacturing of food-contact metallic articles


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