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Diatomaceous earth

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Diatomaceous earth


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Diatomaceous earth;Diatomaceous silica; Diatomite; Fossil flour; Infusorial earth; Kieselguhr Siliceous earth; Silicon dioxide, diatomaceous; Solum diatomeae

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Diatomaceous earth is a Mineral material consisting chiefly of the siliceous frustules and fragments of various species of diatoms Diatomaceous earth uses and applications include: Filtration, clarifying, decolorizing, disinfection, FeMn removal, tasteodor control in water treatment; insulation absorbent; mild abrasive; catalyst carrier; anticaking agents in fertilizer; conditioning agent for dusts, soil; flatting agent; filler, processing aid for rubber; filler in cosmetics, paper, plastics; abrasive, absorbent, opacifier in cosmetics; filler, extender for paints, thermosets and thermoplastics; filtering; construction material; manufacturing heat insulators; fat refining aid, filter aid (foods); filter aid; sorbent; dentifrice abrasive; excipient for pill masses; colorant in food-contact polymers, paperpaperboard in contact with aqueousfatty foods


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