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Deodorized kerosene

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Product Description


Deodorized kerosene




AF 100 (pesticide); Avtur; Avtur (pesticide); Bayol 35; Bitumen Cutter; Caswell No. 517; CCRIS 1359; Coal oil; EC 232-366-4; EINECS 232-366-4; EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 063501; Escaid 100; Escaid 110; Exxsol D 200/240; Fuel oil No. 1; Fuels, kerosine; HSDB 632; Ink oil; Kerosene; Kerosine; Kerosine (petroleum); KO 30 (solvent); Neochiozol; Nysolvin 75A; Odorless Solvent 3440; Parasol; Pegasol 3040; Range-oil; Shell 140; Shellsol 2046; SX 12; SX 7; UNII-1C89KKC04E; Jp-5 navy fuel/marine diesel fuel; Kerosene; Kerosine (petroleum); Kerosine, petroleum; Superlist Names Distillate fuel oils, light; Fuel No. 1; Fuel No. 1 [Oil, fuel]; Jet fuels, JP-5; Kerosene; Kerosene (deodorized); Kerosene [UN1223] [Flammable liquid]; Kerosene, straight run; Kerosine; Kerosine (petroleum); Kerosine, (petroleum); Navy fuels JP-5; Straight-run kerosene; UN1223;;Deodorized kerosene;Kerosene, deodorized; Kerosene, odorless; Odorless kerosene

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Typical Product Specifications


Deodorized kerosene is a Mixt. of petrol.derived hydrocarbons contg. 10 to 16 carbon atoms Deodorized kerosene uses and applications include: Solvent for paintscoatings, printing inks, floor polishes, metal degreasingcleaning; domestic lamp oil; solvent, defoamer, diluent for cosmetic and pharmaceutical creams and lotions; solvent, defoamer in froth flotation of vegetables; dust control agent; quench oil; diluent for pesticides; froth flotation; liquid candles; charcoal lighter fluid; polishes; cleaners; defoamer in food-contact coatings and paperpaperboard


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