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Decyl alcohol

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Product Description


Decyl alcohol


112-30-1 68526-85-2


Decyl alcohol;Alcohol C10; C10 alcohol; Capric alcohol; Caprinic alcohol; Decanal dimethyl acetal Decanol; 1-Decanol; Decan-1-ol; n-Decanol; n-Decyl alcohol Decylic alcohol; 1-Hydroxydecane; Noncarbinol; Nonylcarbinol; Primary decyl alcohol

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Typical Product Specifications


Decyl alcohol uses and applications include: In manufacturing of plasticizers, synthetic lubricants, petroleum additives, herbicides, surfactants, solvents, coatings, cosmetics, laundry softeners, textileleather additives, lubricating oil additives, plasticizers, plastics additives; emulsion polymerization; synthetic flavoring agent in foods and pharmaceuticals; growth retardant; stabilizer with calcium isostearate for calcium stearate dispersions for food-contact paperpaperboard coatings; emollient; viscous control agent; adhesives; antifoam; solvent; fragrance ingredient in perfumes; in food-contact coatings
Suggested storage of Decyl alcohol: Store in cool, dry area
FEMA#: 2365

For more information call 1-800-282-3982 or email!

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