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Croscarmellose sodium

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Product Description


Croscarmellose sodium


74811-65-7 INS468 E468


Croscarmellose sodium;Croscarmellose (INCI); Crosslinked carboxymethyl cellulose; Crosslinked cellulose gum; Crosslinked CMC; Crosslinked NaCMC Crosslinked sodium carboxymethylcellulose; Crosslinked sodium CMC; Sodium salt of crosslinked carboxymethyl ether cellulose

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C4H9(OCH3CHCH2)x(OCH2CH2)yOH, avg. x 5, avg. y 7

Typical Product Specifications


Croscarmellose sodium is a Sodium salt of thermally crosslinked carboxymethylated cellulose Croscarmellose sodium uses and applications include: Film-former in cosmetics; tablet, capsule, and granule disintegrant in pharmaceuticals; stabilizer, binder in foods
Suggested storage of Croscarmellose sodium: Hygroscopic; store in a well-closed container in a cool, dry, place; 2 yr. shelf life


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