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Copper nitrate (ic)

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Product Description


Copper nitrate (ic)


3251-23-8 (anhyd) 10031-43-3 (trihydrate)


Copper nitrate (ic);Copper dinitrate; Copper (II) nitrate; Copper (2) nitrate; Copper (II) nitrate trihydrate; Cupric dinitrate Cupric nitrate; Cupric nitrate hexahydrate; Cupric nitrate trihydrate


Cu(NO3)2 3H2O or Cu(NO3)2 6H2O

Product Specifications


Copper nitrate (ic) is an Avail. commercially as the trihydrate Copper nitrate (ic) uses and applications include: Light-sensitive papers; analytical reagent; textile dyeing mordant and oxidizing agent; nitrating agent; insecticide; coloring copper black; electroplating; paints; varnishes; enamels; catalyst in solid rocket fuels; copper salts; fuel additives; fungicide; herbicide; glazeceramics ingredient; pyrotechnicrocket fuel ingredient; source of micronutrient copper in horticulture and agriculture; metal surfactant treatment agent; in pharmaceuticals; slimicide in food-contact paperpaperboard
Suggested storage of Copper nitrate (ic): Deliq.


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