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Copper acetoarsenite

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Product Description


Copper acetoarsenite




Copper acetoarsenite;(Acetato-o) (trimetaarsenito) dicopper; Bis (acetato) hexametaarsenitotetracopper; CI 77410; Copper acetate arsenite; Copper, bis (acetato) hexametaarsenitotetra- Cupric acetoarsenite; Emerald green; French green; Genuine Paris green; Imperial green Kings green; Meadow green; Mineral green; Mitis green; Moss green Mountain green; New green; Paris green; Parrot green; Patent green Pigment green 21; Powder green; Swedish green; Vienna green


Cu(C2H3O2)2 3Cu(AsO2)2

Product Specifications


Copper acetoarsenite uses and applications include: Insecticide; wood preservative; larvicide; pigment especially for ships and submarines; fungicide; bactericide; molluscicide; control of the Colorado beetle; poison bait for caterpillars and grasshoppers; control of mosquitoes; formerly used medicinally for certain skin diseases
Suggested storage of Copper acetoarsenite: Store under ambient temps.


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