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Cocotrimonium chloride

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Product Description


Cocotrimonium chloride




Cocotrimonium chloride;Coconut trimethyl ammonium chloride; Cocoyl trimethyl ammonium chloride; Quaternary ammonium compds., coco alkyl trimethyl, chlorides


[RN(CH3)3]Cl, R rep. alkyl groups from coconut oil

Product Specifications


Cocotrimonium chloride uses and applications include: Emulsifier; dispersant; corrosion inhibitor; for oil field brines and HCl acidizing systems; antistat and lubricant for synthetic fibers, plastics; bactericide; fungicide; disinfectant; sanitizer; antimicrobial, antistat, surfactant in cosmetics; textile softener, antistat; germicide (duckweed killer) for water treatment, petrol. industry; thickener

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