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Coconut acid

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Product Description


Coconut acid


8037-14-7 61788-47-4 67701-05-7 68937-85-9


Coconut acid;Coco fatty acid; Coconut fatty acid; Coconut fatty acids; Coconut oil acids; Coconut oil fatty acids Fatty acids, coco


RCOOH, R coco

Product Specifications


Coconut acid is a Mixtures of fatty acids Coconut acid uses and applications include: Lubricant; intermediate in alkyd resins, rubber compounding., detergents, water repellents, polishes, soaps, abrasives, cutting oils, candles, crayons, emulsifiers, personal care products; source of long-chain alkyl groups; activator; surfactant, emulsifier, emollient in cosmetics; in foods; emulsifier in pharmaceutical topicals; in food packaging adhesives; defoamer in food-contact paper coatings, paperpaperboard; in food-contact textiles
Suggested storage of Coconut acid: Store in dry and well-ventilated areas ambient temps. ( 35 C) away from direct sunlight


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