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Cocamide MIPA

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Product Description


Cocamide MIPA


68333-82-4 68440-05-1 8039-67-6


Cocamide MIPA;Amides, coco, N-(2-hydroxypropyl)-; Coconut monoisopropanolamide; Monoisopropanolamine cocout acid amide


RCONHCH2CHOHCH3, where RCO represents the coconut acid radical

Product Specifications


Cocamide MIPA is a Mixture of isopropanolamides of coconut acid Cocamide MIPA uses and applications include: Foam boosterstabilizer, antidefatting agent for detergents, topical pharmaceuticals; surfactant, emulsifier, emulsion stabilizer, viscous control agent in cosmetics
Suggested storage of Cocamide MIPA: Store in tightly closed container in well-ventilated place

For more information call 1-800-282-3982 or email!

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