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Cobalt diacetate

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Product Description


Cobalt diacetate


71-48-7 (anhydrous) 6147-53-1 (tetrahydrate)


Cobalt diacetate;Acetic acid, cobalt (2) salt; Cobalt acetate; Cobalt (II) acetate; Cobalt (2) acetate; Cobaltous acetate Cobaltous diacetate



Product Specifications


Cobalt diacetate is an Avail. commercially as the tetrahydrate Cobalt diacetate uses and applications include: Esterificationoxidation catalyst; anodizing reagent; mineral supplement; bleaching agentdrier for lacquers, varnishes; foam stabilizer for malt beverages
Suggested storage of Cobalt diacetate: Deliq.

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