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Cobalt chloride (ous)

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Product Description


Cobalt chloride (ous)


7646-79-9 (anhyd)


Cobalt chloride (ous);Cobalt chloride (INCI); Cobalt (II) chloride; Cobalt dichloride; Cobalt muriate; Cobaltous chloride Cobaltous chloride anhydrous; Cobaltous dichloride

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Typical Product Specifications


Cobalt chloride (ous) uses and applications include: Absorbent for ammonia; gas masks; electroplating reagent; invisible inks; hygrometers; manufacturing of vitamin B12; flux for magnesium refining; solid lubricant; dye mordant in textiles; Ziegler catalyst component; barometers; laboratory reagent; fertilizer additive; temp. indicator in grinding; humidity indicator; for painting on glass and porcelain; radioactive cobalt chloride; skin conditioner in cosmetics; bonding aid in steel radial tires; dopant in magnetic tapes; dietary supplement in veterinary medicine; treatment of anemia
Suggested storage of Cobalt chloride (ous): Hygroscopic


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