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Chlorinated Paraffin

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Chlorinated Paraffin




liquid; liquidchlorinatedparaffin; CHLOROPARAFFIN; Chlorinated Paraffin (40%); Chlorinated Paraffin (70%); Chlorinated Paraffin 52%; Chlorinated Paraffin 60%; Paraffin waxes and Hydrocarbon waxes, chloro;A 70 (wax); Adekacizer E 410; Adekacizer E 450; Adekacizer E 470; ADK Cizer 450; ADK Cizer 470; ADK Cizer E 410; Aquamix 108; Arubren; Arubren CP; Cerechlor 54; Cereclor; Cereclor 30; Cereclor 42; Cereclor 48; Cereclor 50LV; Cereclor 51L; Cereclor 52; Cereclor 54; Cereclor 56L; Cereclor 63L; Cereclor 65L; Cereclor 70; Cereclor 70L; Cereclor S 42; Cereclor S52; Cereclor S70; Chlorcosane; Chlorez 700; Chlorez 700hmp; Chlorinated paraffin; Chlorinated paraffin waxes; Chlorinated paraffin waxes and Hydrocarbon waxes; Chlorinated paraffins; Chlorinated paraffins (C23,43 chlorine); Chlorinated wax; Chlorinated waxes; Chloroflo 35; Chloroflo 40; Chloroflo 42; Chloroparaffine 40G; Chlorowax; Chlorowax 170; Chlorowax 40-40; Chlorowax 45AO; Chlorowax 50; Chlorowax 500C; Chlorowax 70; Chlorowax 70-5; Chlorowax 70S; Chlorowax S 70; Clorafin; Crechlor S 45; Creclor S 45; EC 264-150-0; EINECS 264-150-0; Flexchlor; HSDB 4214; NCI-C53587; Paraffin wax, chlorinated; Paraffin waxes and hydrocarbon waxes, chlorinated; Paraffin, chlorinated; Paroil chlorez; Unichlor; Unichlor 50; Chlorinated paraffins; Chlorowax 40; Chlorowax 500C; Paraffin waxes and hydrocarbon waxes, chlorinated; Paraffin waxes and Hydrocarbon waxes, chloro; Superlist Names Chlorinated paraffins (C10-C13); Chlorinated paraffins (C14-C17); Chlorinated wax; Paraffin waxes and Hydrocarbon waxes, chloro; Paraffin waxes and hydrocarbon waxes, chloro [Chlorinated paraffins];;Paraffin, chlorinated;Chlorcosane; Chlorinated paraffin; Chlorocosane; Chloroparaffin; Paraffin waxes and hydrocarbon waxes, chlorinated Wax, chlorinated

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C24H30Cl20C15H14Cl18; Unspecified

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Chlorinated Paraffin is a Paraffin hydrocarbons treated with chlorine; contains about 50% Cl Chlorinated Paraffin uses and applications include: In manufacturing of textiles, draperies, etc.; solvent for dichloramine-T; high-pressure lubricants; flame retardant in plastics, rubber, adhesives, textiles, inks, paper; leather fatliquoring agent; plasticizer and flame retardant in paints; plasticizer for PVC, sealants, PVAc, synthetic rubber; EP agent in lubricants, metalworking fluids; tackifier for rubbers, adhesives, sealants; textile backcoating; extender in rubber and plastic compds.; in detergents; in food packaging adhesives; crosslinking agent in food-contact polysulfide polymerpolyepoxy resins


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