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Cetylpyridinium chloride

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Product Description


Cetylpyridinium chloride


123-03-5 (anhyd) 6004-24-6 (monohydrate)


Cetylpyridinium chloride;1-Cetylpyridinium chloride; N-Cetylpyridinium chloride; CPC; Hexadecylpyridinium chloride; 1-Hexadecylpyridinium chloride n-Hexadecylpyridinium chloride


C21H38ClN (anhyd.), C21H38ClN H2O (monohydrate)

Product Specifications


Cetylpyridinium chloride uses and applications include: Antibacterial, preservative, wetting agent, solubilizer in cosmetics, emulsions, cough syrups, lozenges, topical solutions; antimicrobial, antistat, deodorant agent, emulsifier, surfactant in cosmetics; topical anti-infective; antiseptic in pharmaceuticals Use Level 0.1
Suggested storage of Cetylpyridinium chloride: Store R.T.

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