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Cetyl esters

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Product Description


Cetyl esters


8002-23-1 136097-97-7 INS909


Cetyl esters;Cetyl esters wax; Spermaceti; Spermaceti synthetic; Spermaceti wax; Spermaceti wax, refined Synthetic spermaceti; Synthetic spermaceti wax

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CH3(CH2)16COOR, R cetylstearyl

Typical Product Specifications


Cetyl esters is an A mixt. of sat. fatty alcohols (C14 to C18) and sat. fatty acids (C14 to C18) Cetyl esters uses and applications include: Emollient, slip agent, stiffener, and viscous builder for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals; processing aid and lubricant for plastics; gloss aid, slip agent for varnish; surfactant for textiles; glazing agent in foods; in food packaging adhesives; in food-contact coatings; in cellophane for food packaging


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