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Cetearyl alcohol

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Product Description


Cetearyl alcohol


8005-44-5 67762-27-0


Cetearyl alcohol;Alcohols, C16-18; n-Alkanol (C16-C18); C16-18 alcohols; Cetostearyl alcohol; Cetyl-stearyl alcohol Stearyl-cetyl alcohol


CH3(CH2)nOH, n 15-17

Product Specifications


Cetearyl alcohol is a Mixture of fatty alcohols, predominantly cetyl and stearyl alcohols Cetearyl alcohol uses and applications include: Surfactant intermediate; raw material for ethoxylation, sulfation, etc.; stabilizer in emulsion polymerization; lubricant in rigid PVC; emollient, emulsifier, emulsion stabilizer, opacifier, viscous control agent in cosmetics; cosolvent, emollient, consistency agent for pharmaceutical creams, hand lotions, bath oils, shaving creams; pearlescent shampoo ingredient; antiseptic in topical anti-infective products; in food packaging adhesives
Suggested storage of Cetearyl alcohol: Preserve in well-closed containers


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