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Ceresin Wax (Ozocerite)

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Product Description


Ceresin Wax (Ozocerite)




CERIN; CERESIN WAX; CERESIN WAX WHITE; CERESIN WAX YELLOW; OZOKERITE WAX; MINERAL WAX; Ceresin; Wheteceresinwax;CERESIN WAX;Ceresin;Ceresine; Ceresine wax; Ceresin wax; Cerin; Earth wax Mineral wax; White ceresin wax; White ozokerite wax

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Ceresin Wax (Ozocerite) is a Waxy mixture of hydrocarbons obtained by purification of ozokerite Ceresin Wax (Ozocerite) uses and applications include: Candles; wax figures; sizing; bottles for hydrofluoric acid; antifouling paints; waterproofing textiles; substitute for beeswax; dental wax compds.; rubber compounding; electronic insulation; waxed paper and cloth; coating wax (packaging, textiles); heat-sealhot-melt flow additive; woodshoeleathercar polish ingredient; antistat, binder, emulsion stabilizer in cosmetics; opacifier; viscous control agent; gellant; stabilizer; thickener in pharmaceutical protective creams; in food packaging adhesives


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