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Cellulose Acetate, NF

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Product Description


Cellulose Acetate, NF




a432-130b; acetatecotton; acetateesterofcellulose; aceticacid,celluloseester; acetose; acetyl35; allogel; ampacetc/a;CELLULOSE ACETATE;A 432-130B; Acetate cotton; Acetate ester of cellulose; Acetic acid, cellulose ester; Acetose; Acetyl 35; Acetylcellulose; Allogel; Ampacet C/A; Bioden; Ca (cellulose acetate); Cellidor; Cellidor A; Cellit K 700; Cellit L 700; Cellulose 2,5-acetate; Cellulose acetate; Cellulose monoacetate; Cellulose, 2,5-diacetate; Cellulose, acetate; Cellulose, diacetate; Cellulose, triacetate; Crellate; DP 02; DP 06; Duoflux; E 376-40; E 383-40; E 394-30; E 394-40; E 394-45; E 394-60; E 398-10; E-400-25; Eastman 298-10; EASTMAN Cellulose Acetate CA 398-10NF; Etrol OEM; HSDB 964; Monoacetylcellulose; Nicollembal; Nixon C/A; Plastacele; PP 612; PP 613; PP 628; Stripmix; Strux; t-Cellit; Tenite Acetate 105MS; Tenite I; UNII-3J2P07GVB6; Vladipor; YM 10; Systematic Name Cellulose, acetate;Superlist Name Cellulose acetate; Registry Numbers ?CAS Registry Number 9004-35-7;FDA UNII 3J2P07GVB6;Other Registry Numbers 103288-81-9; 109321-21-3; 120300-14-3; 125807-44-5; 1422526-87-1; 155860-40-5; 50806-92-3; 58318-12-0; 58517-46-7; 66419-14-5; 70992-66-4; 71812-17-4; 81210-20-0; 81210-21-1; 87582-55-6; 924294-65-5; 92529-17-4; System Generated Number 0009004357; Molecular Formulas ?Molecular Formulas C2-H4-O2.x-Unspecified; Unspecified; Molecular Formula Fragments C2-H4-O2; COMPONENT; Unspecified;;Cellulose acetate;Acetate cotton; Acetate ester of cellulose; Acetic acid, cellulose ester; Acetose; Acetylcellulose CA; Cellulose, acetate; Cellulose 2,5-acetate; Cellulose acetate ester; Cellulose, 2,5-diacetate Cellulose monoacetate; Monoacetylcellulose; Secondary cellulose acetate

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Typical Product Specifications


Cellulose Acetate, NF uses and applications include: manufacturing of rubber and celluloid substitutes; nonflammable photographic and cinema films; airplane dopes; varnishes; lacquers; waterproofing and sizing for textiles; textile fibers; coating skins; insulating electronic wires; acetate fiber; transparent sheeting; household goods; thermoplastic molding composition; cigarette filters; magnetic tapes; osmotic cell membranes; polymer membrane, coating agent for pharmaceuticals; film-former in cosmetics; in food-contact coatings; migrating to food from paperpaperboard
Suggested storage of Cellulose Acetate, NF: Preserve in tight containers

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