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Carbon, activated

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Product Description


Carbon, activated


7440-44-0 64365-11-3


Carbon, activated;Activated carbon; Active carbon; CI 77265; Decolorizing carbon; Graphite Pigment black 10

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Typical Product Specifications


Carbon, activated uses and applications include: Adsorbent; clarifying, deodorizing, decolorizing, filtering, dechlorination for air, water and wastewater treatment; solvent recovery; SO2 removal from stack gases and clean rooms; decolorizing, tasteodor control agent in food processing; brewing; removal of jet fumes from airports; catalystnatural gas purification; chromium electroplating; air conditioning; refining of pharmaceutical chemicals; car catalytic converters; processing aid, colorant, coloring adjunct in foods; in closure-sealing gaskets for food containers


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