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Calcium thioglycolate

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Product Description


Calcium thioglycolate


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Calcium thioglycolate;Acetic acid, mercapto-, calcium salt; Acetic acid, mercapto-, calcium salt (21); Calcium mercaptoacetate; Calcium thioglycollate; CaTG Mercaptoacetic acid, calcium deriv.; Thioglycolic acid, calcium salt


C2H4O2S Ca

Product Specifications


Calcium thioglycolate is a Calcium salt of thioglycolic acid; avail. as the trihydrate Calcium thioglycolate uses and applications include: Depilatory agent, reducing agent in cosmetics; hair-waving preparations; tanning leather; flavoring agent
Suggested storage of Calcium thioglycolate: Keep container tightly closed; handle under nitrogen
FEMA#: 3520


For more information call 1-800-282-3982 or email!

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