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Calcium sulfate dihydrate

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Product Description


Calcium sulfate dihydrate


10101-41-4 13397-24-5


Calcium sulfate dihydrate;Alabaster; Calcium (II) sulfate dihydrate (112); CI 77231; CI pigment white 25; Gypsum Gypsum stone; Land plaster; Light spar; Magnesia white; Mineral white Native calcium sulfate; Pigment white 25; Precipitated calcium sulfate; Terra alba

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CaSO4 2H2O

Typical Product Specifications


Calcium sulfate dihydrate uses and applications include: manufacturing of Portland cement, plaster of Paris, artificial marble, sulfuric acid, calcium carbide, and ammonium sulfate; white pigment, filler, extender, glaze in paints, pharmaceuticals, paper, insecticide dusts, yeast, polishing powders; soil conditioner; water treatment; flame retardant for plastics; foods (nutrient, calcium source, dietary supplement, yeast food, dough conditioner, firming agent, sequestrant, stabilizer, thickener, pH control agent, carrier for bleaching agents); brewing and fermentation processes; pharmaceuticals (excipient, filler, desiccant, tabletcapsule diluent; in plaster casts); food-contact applications
Suggested storage of Calcium sulfate dihydrate: Hygroscopic; store in cool, dry location; keep containers well closed when not in use

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