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Calcium stearoyl lactylate

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Product Description


Calcium stearoyl lactylate




Calcium stearoyl lactylate;Calcium stearoyl-2-lactylate; Calcium stearyl-2-lactylate; Calcium stelate; Octadecanoic acid, 2-(1-carboxyethoxy)-1-methyl-2-oxoethyl ester, calcium salt; Stearic acid ester with lactate of lactic acid calcium salt



Product Specifications


Calcium stearoyl lactylate is a Calcium salt of stearic acid ester of lactyl lactate Calcium stearoyl lactylate uses and applications include: Dough conditioner for bakery products; whipping agent; emulsifier, stabilizer in cosmetics, foods, and pharmaceuticals; conditioner for dehydrated potatoes; acid neutralizeracceptorscavenger for polyolefins, flame retardants, pigments; lubricant for PVC; in paperpaperboard in contact with aqueousfatty foods; in cellophane for food packaging

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