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Calcium lignosulfonate

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Product Description


Calcium lignosulfonate


8061-52-7 68131-32-8 (fermented)


Calcium lignosulfonate;Calcium lignin sulfonate; Lignin calcium sulfonate; Lignosulfonic acid, calcium salt

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ROSO3Na, R rep. alkyl groups from tallow

Typical Product Specifications


Calcium lignosulfonate is a Calcium salt of polysulfonated lignin Calcium lignosulfonate uses and applications include: Dispersant; emulsifier; emulsion stabilizer; wetting agent; binder; gypsum board; industrial use; refractories; construction; insecticides; pesticides; extender for adhesives and binder systems; dispersant for water treatment, oil-well drilling muds; concrete admixtures; emulsifier in cosmetics; dispersant, stabilizer for pesticides for pre- or post-harvest application to bananas; in food packaging adhesives; in paperpaperboard in contact with aqueousfatty foods; defoamer in food-contact paperpaperboard

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