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Calcium lactate

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Product Description


Calcium lactate


814-80-2 (anhyd) 5743-47-5 41372-22-9 (monohydrate


Calcium lactate;Calcium dilactate; Calcium 2-hydroxypropanoate; Calcium-L-2-hydroxypropionate; 2-Hydroxypropanoic acid, calcium salt; 2-Hydroxypropanoic acid, calcium salt (21) Propanoic acid, 2-hydroxy-, calcium salt


[CH3CH(OH)COO]2Ca xH2O, x 5

Product Specifications


Calcium lactate uses and applications include: Buffer, pH control agent, dough conditioner, yeast food, firming agent, flavor enhancer, flavoring agent, leavening agent, flour treatment agent, nutrient supplement, stabilizer, thickener, antioxidant in foods; nutrient supplement, calcium source in pharmaceuticals, dentifrices; medicine (blood coagulation, metabolism, water-electrolyte and calcium-phosphoric balance disorders); acidcatalyst neutralizer for polyolefins and other thermoplastics; buffer in cosmetics

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