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Calcium gluconate

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Product Description


Calcium gluconate


299-28-5 (anhyd) 18016-24-5 (monohydrate)


Calcium gluconate;Calciofon; Calcium di-D-gluconate; Calcium d-gluconate; Calcium hexagluconate; Calglucol Calglucon; Glucal; Gluconic acid calcium salt; D-Gluconic acid calcium salt; d-Gluconic acid, calcium salt (21)



Product Specifications


Calcium gluconate is a Calcium salt of Dgluconic acid Calcium gluconate uses and applications include: Calcium source for pharmaceuticals (supplements), foods, dietetic foods, beverages; anticaking agent in coffee powders; buffer, pH control agent, firming agent, sequestrant, texturizer, stabilizer, thickener in foods; vitamin tablets; in sewage purification; oral care agent, humectant in cosmetics

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