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Calcium acetate

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Product Description


Calcium acetate


62-54-4 (anhyd) 5743-26-0 (monohydrate)


Calcium acetate;Acetate of lime; Brown acetate; Calcium diacetate; Gray acetate; Lime acetate Lime pyrolignite; Vinegar salts


(CH3COO)2Ca (anhyd.) or (CH3COO)2Ca H2O (monohydrate)

Product Specifications


Calcium acetate is a Calcium salt of acetic acid Calcium acetate uses and applications include: manufacturing of acetone, acetic acid, acetates; mordant in textile dyeingprinting; stabilizer in resins; additive to calcium soap lubricants; sequestrant; corrosion inhibitor; esterification catalyst; tanning auxiliaries; viscous control agent in cosmetics; firming agent, pH control agent, processing aid, sequestrant, stabilizer, texturizer, thickener for foods, packaging materials; preservative for baked goods, casein; pharmaceutical preservative; in food-contact coatings
Suggested storage of Calcium acetate: Hygroscopic
FEMA#: 2228; INS263; E263

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