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C40-60 alcohols

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Product Description


C40-60 alcohols




C40-60 ALCOHOLS;C40-60 alcohols;Alcohols, C40-60

Product Specifications


C40-60 alcohols is a Mixture of syn. fatty alcohols with 3050 carbons in the alkyl chain C40-60 alcohols uses and applications include: Modifier for PP, PVC, polyethylene, PS, and high-performance engineering resins; antioxidant; heat stabilizer; UV stabilizer; viscous depressant; emulsifier in cosmetics; emollient, skin protectant, film-former in skin care; chemical intermediate for oxidation, ethoxylation, sulfation, amination, esterification; coemulsifier and direct additive in coatings; processing aid, lubricant, dispersant in plastics; food packaging adhesives

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