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C11-15 pareth-3

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Product Description


C11-15 pareth-3


68131-40-8 (generic)


C11-15 pareth-3;Pareth-15-3

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CH3CH2C(CH2OCRO)3, where RCO rep. mixt. of caprylic and capric acids

Typical Product Specifications


C11-15 pareth-3 is a PEG ether of a mixt. of syn. C1115 fatty alcohols with avg. 3 moles EO C11-15 pareth-3 uses and applications include: Detergent, emulsifier, wetting agent in textile processing; textile lubricant; latex emulsions; plastics antistat; surfactant in solvent cleaners, dry cleaning, metalworking fluids, water treatment, oil field chemicals, pulppaper deinking, latex emulsions; emulsifier in cosmetics

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