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C10-11 isoparaffin

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Product Description


C10-11 isoparaffin




C10-11 isoparaffin;Alkanes, C10-11-iso-; Alkanes, iso-, C10-11; C10-11 isoalkanes; Isoalkanes, C10-11

Product Specifications


C10-11 isoparaffin is a Mixt. of branched chain aliphatic hydrocarbons with 1011 carbons in the alkyl chain C10-11 isoparaffin uses and applications include: Solvent in cosmetics; solvent, diluent, carrier for personal care products for sprays; solvent for coatings, odorless alkydacrylic paints; thinner; cleaner; defoamer in processing foods; in coatings on fruitsvegetablesegg shells; in froth flotation cleaning of vegetables; in insecticides for processed foods


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