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Beeswax, synthetic

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Product Description


Beeswax, synthetic


71243-51-1 151661-95-9


Beeswax, synthetic;Modified beeswax; Synthetic beeswax (INCI)


CH3(CH2)16CH2(OCH2CH2)nOH, avg. n 5

Product Specifications


Beeswax, synthetic is a Synthetic wax with composition and properties generally indistinguishable from natural beeswax Beeswax, synthetic uses and applications include: Wo emulsifier, thickener, gellant, emollient, opacifier, emulsion stabilizer for creams, lotions, lipstick, makeup, depilatories, ointments, salves, sustained-release pharmaceuticals, furniture, wood, and leather polishes, leather, textile, wood, and paper finishes; suspending agent for anhyd. systems; confections; binder, emulsion stabilizer, viscous control agent in cosmetics


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