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Asphalt, liquid rapid-curing; Dacholeum; Asphalt; Mineral pitch Petroleum asphalt; Superlist Names Asphalt; Flinkote; Judean pitch; Asphalt (cut); Road asphalt Road tar; EC 232-490-9; Caswell No. 062; Mineral pitch; Road tar; Caswell No. 106; Road asphalt; Asphalt (petroleum); EINECS 232-490-9; Asphalt (cutback); Asphaltum; Bitumens, asphalt; Asphalt [Bitumens]; HSDB 5075; Asphalt (Bitumen)fume as benzene-soluble aerosol; Asphalt fumes; EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 022001; Asphalt, petroleum; Asphaltic bitumen; Asphalt cements; Petroleum pitch; Asphalt, at or above its flashpoint; Bituminous materials, asphalt; Asphalt, liquid medium-curing; NA1999; Trinidad pitch; CCRIS 9377; Bitumen; Petroleum refining residues, asphalts; EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 022002; Petroleum bitumen; Systematic Name Asphalt; Petroleum asphalt; Asphalt, liquid slow-curing; Asphalt, at or above its flashpoint [NA1999] [Flammable liquid]; Mineral rubber (VAN); Petroleum roofing tar

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Asphalt is a Complex combination of high m.w. org. compds. contg. relatively high proportion of predominantly C25+ hydrocarbons with high carbontohydrogen ratios, and sm. amts. of various metals, e.g., Ni, Fe, Va Asphalt uses and applications include: Paving and road-coating; roofing; sealing and joint filling; special paints; adhesive in electrical laminates and hot-melt compositions; diluent in low-grade rubber products; fluid loss control in hydraulic fracturing of oil wells; medium for radioactive waste disposal; pipeline and underground cable coating; rust-preventative hot-dip coatings; base for synthetic turf; water-retaining barrier for sandy soils; supporter of rapid bacterial growth; in food packaging adhesives; in internal sizing for paperpaperboard in contact with aqueousfatty foods

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