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Ammonium silicofluoride

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Product Description


Ammonium silicofluoride


16919-19-0 1309-32-6


Ammonium silicofluoride;Ammonium fluorosilicate (INCI); Ammonium fluosilicate; Ammonium hexafluorosilicate; Cryptophthalite; Silicate (2-), hexafluoro-, diammonium

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Typical Product Specifications


Ammonium silicofluoride uses and applications include: Fluoridation agent for water treatment; laundry sours; mothproofing; disinfectant in brewing industry; glass etching; light metal casting; electroplating; wood preservative; soldering flux; bonding agent for aluminum foil; stabilizer or preservative in food packaging adhesives; oral care agent in personal hygiene products

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