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Ammonium lauryl sulfate

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Product Description


Ammonium lauryl sulfate


2235-54-3 68081-96-9 90583-12-3


Ammonium lauryl sulfate;Ammonium dodecyl sulfate; Ammonium-N-dodecyl sulfate; Dodecyl ammonium sulfate; Lauryl ammonium sulfate; Lauryl sulfate ammonium salt Sulfuric acid, lauryl ester, ammonium salt; Sulfuric acid, monododecyl ester, ammonium salt


C12H26O4S H3N

Product Specifications


Ammonium lauryl sulfate is an Ammonium salt of lauryl sulfate Ammonium lauryl sulfate uses and applications include: Detergent, emulsifier, foaming agent, dispersant, wetting agent for personal care products, pharmaceuticals, coatings, carpet shampoos, firefighting foams, lt. duty cleaners, dry wall manufacturing, dyes, chemical specialties, emulsion polymerization, textileleather processing; viscous builder; in food packaging adhesives; in paperpaperboard in contact with aqueousfatty foods; in cellophane for food packaging


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