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Ammonium carbonate

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Product Description


Ammonium carbonate


506-87-6 8000-73-5 10361-29-2


Ammonium carbonate;Carbonic acid, ammonium salt; Carbonic acid, diammonium salt; Diammonium carbonate; Hartshorn

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Typical Product Specifications


Ammonium carbonate is a Mixt. of ammonium bicarbonate and ammonium carbamate Ammonium carbonate uses and applications include: Buffer, neutralizer, leavening agent, pH control agent, yeast nutrient in foods, baking powder; pharmaceuticals alkalizing agent, buffer; source of ammonia; ammonium salts; fire extinguishers; photographic chemicals; detergent builder; mordant in textiles; fermentation accelerator in winemaking; organic chemicals; ceramics; washing wool; blowing agent for foamed plasticsrubber; buffer in cosmetics; reagent (CO absorp. processes); medicine (expectorant); smelling salts
Suggested storage of Ammonium carbonate: Light-sensitive; keep tightly closed in cool place


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