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Aluminum calcium silicate

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Product Description


Aluminum calcium silicate


1327-39-5 INS556


Aluminum calcium silicate;Calcium aluminosilicate; Calcium aluminum silicate


Common forms CaAl2Si2O8 and Ca2Al2SiO7

Product Specifications


Aluminum calcium silicate is an Occurs in nature as the minerals anorthite, didymolite, lawsonite, etc. Aluminum calcium silicate uses and applications include: Constituent of cement; in refractories; anticaking agent in table salt, vanilla powder; filler-reinforcement for plastics, phenolic, epoxy, melamine, nylon, polyimide, PBT, PVC, PC, DAP, polybutadiene, thermoset polyester, polyolefin, and urethane polymers; provides friction and wear properties in brake and clutch materials


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