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Alkaline Protease

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Product Description


Alkaline Protease





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Typical Product Specifications


400,000 PC/g Max


55 - 65 C


Supplied as a brown, free-flowing powder standardized at 400,000 PC/g.  A custom blend can be made at any activity level below the standard.

Alkaline Protease is an enzyme preparation produced by controlled fermentation of Bacillus licheniformis.  This serine-type endoproteinase produces peptides and polypeptides by attacking proteins from animal and vegetable sources as well as soil-type proteins from fecal matter and food residues.

The active pH range is approximately 7.0 - 10.0 with an optimum performance between pH 9-10 (dependent on variables like temperature, time, substrate concentration and nature).  Optimum performance temperature is 60 C, but inactivation begins around 80 to 85 C.

Parchem also offers:

Alkaline Protease IGL - Ideal for protein hydrolysis where reducing viscosity or removing unwanted proteins is the desired result.  Available in liquid form NLT 3,000 GSU/ml.

Alkaline Protease L - Effective for hydrolyzing most proteins to lower molecular weight particles.  Available as a brown liquid standardized to NLT 580,000 DU/g.

Alkaline Protease P3L - Derived from GMO Bacillus licheniformis, this product is specifically designed for rapid hydrolysis of proteins with reduced by-product formation.  Ideal in high-solids systems (25 - 30%) even at low pH.  Supplied as amber liquid standardized to NLT 2,750 GSU/g.  It is sold for use in food products.  




For more information call 1-800-282-3982 or email!

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