Customer Service & Logistics Coordinator

Providing administrative support by handling requests, supporting sales specialists, performing clerical functions, and assisting in accordance with logistics and customer service procedures.
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•    Gain a deep understanding of our core concepts of automation, system integration, content management, workflow and process
•    Work on highly complex business issues, which have significant impact to the enterprise and across company processes and functions
•    Master the execution of all business procedures to ensure accurate data entry
•    Support the company through clever problem-solving pertaining to orders, problems, or inner departmental issues
•    Handle logistical operations for orders
•    Update information in company ERP and CRM data systems (emails/contacts and more)
•    Manage UPS shipments of samples, sample log and notifications to sales specialists
•    Follow-up calls with suppliers, carriers, warehouses and customer to facilitate orders
•    Repackage and neutralize orders cross docked at Parchem Headquarters
•    Develop and instruct advanced customer service and logistics tactics

•    Proactively address opportunities
•    Work effectively within multiple small groups and a fast-paced environment
•    Work independently to master individual skill sets
•    Ensure follow-up on all tasks
•    Meet deadlines and respond immediately to actionable emails and voicemails
•    Responsibly manage all work related communications within an appropriate time frame
•    Proactively troubleshoot, research, analyze and provide strategic insight for all assignments
•    Form alliances and trade partnerships while building relationships with the right decision-makers
•    Manage the full cycle of customer orders including validating and executing orders with 100% accuracy

Skills & Abilities:
•    Work with 100% accuracy, complying to all details
•    Strong business acumen with attention to detail
•    Excellent computer and phone skills
•    Excellent written and verbal communication skills
•    Strong organizational skills
•    Ability to work in fast past environment
•    Strong professional etiquette
•    Ability to schedule and prioritize work
•    Supports the company through clever problem-solving pertaining to orders, problems, or inner departmental issues

Education and experience criteria:
•    Undergraduate Degree
•    1-2 years of experience in Logistics, Operations or Supply Chain
•    Strong Customer Service Skills
•    Technological know-how
•    Outstanding phone, communication and follow up skills

Salary Range:

  • 45-50 K depending on experience level
  • Repack commissions
  • Health and dental benefits
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