Product : Tall Oil Pitch
CAS# : 8016-81-7
Synonym : Tall Oil Fatty Acids
Formula : -
Product Type : -
Hazard : - -


Description : Mixture of resinic acids, fatty acids and unsaponifiable matters obtained by distillation of crude t
Appearance : Black paste form at room temperature.
Acid Value : 50 mg KOH/g
Viscosity : 200 mPa.s @ 100 deg C
Stability : Stability of 6 months in standard conditions (under cover and at temperatures below 25°C).

Notes :

Applications: Used in Binding material for casting, Acid additives for tars, Adhesives for floor covering, and printing inks. Packaging: Bulk tank in liquid form at about 100°C Drums of 200 kg net weight in paste form at room temperature.

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