FD&C Red #40 Alum Lake 35-42%

Product :
FD&C Red #40 Alum Lake 35-42%
CAS# :
Synonym :
Formula :
Class :
Excipients - Food Colors - Binders and Tableting Aids
Product Type :
Hazard :


Description :
A red, water insoluble pigment
Pure Dye :
Not less than 35%. Range 35-42%
Identification :
Compares favorably to accepted standard

Note : Packaging: Standard packaging for this product is 20kg units packaged in corrugated cartons with plastic liners. One and five kilogram units packaged in plastic pails are also available. A 200-pound minimum order is required for all custom products.

Storage: Product should also be kept in closed container at ambient temperature and humidity.

Shelf Life: Chemical stability is indefinite if kept under recommended conditions. However, physical changes, such as agglomeration which affects tinctorial strength, begins to occur after 3 years.

Kosher Status:This product is Kosher certified.
FDA Status: This product is approved by the FDA and meets specifications outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Parts 74 and 82.

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